Group of Jazz Musicians in Lyon
Guitarist, Singer and Saxophonist



Blue Moon

East of the Sun

Hallelujah I Love Her So


New Year's Day


Sweet Dreams


Lulu Swing




Dock of the bay

My girl

Ain't sunshine

Bossa Nova


S Wonderful



Don 't know Why

He's Funny That Way


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LIVE COCKTAIL / classy & friendly For weddings, birthdays and corporate cocktails. Our repertoires are suitable for cocktails, jazz music nice, recognizable tunes: lounge and cozy atmosphere.
LE BON VOLUME We are always looking for a resonable volume, so that your guests can chat without to raise the voice. The choice of the repertoire is varied, it is at once modern with covers of pop and rock songs in jazz version and jazz standards.  
CHOOSE A GOOD DIRECTORY For your cocktail is very important, alternating tempos and cadences too, your guests will not feel like listening to "the same thing" for 2 hours, a bossa nova is welcome.
JAZZ VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTALWe alternate singing, saxophone and guitar chorus.
BUSINESS ANNIVERSARY We arrive well before the arrival of your guests to settle us, we always broadcast a small background sound. A microphone is at your disposal for any announcements or interventions.
We play well-known jazz standards songs as well as revised and rearranged song in "jazz version". The volume of the instruments is adjusted so as not to cover the discussions of your guests. Excerpts from the repertory         you can listen to on the site represents the rendering live, we  have chosen a production with "backing track", so we avoid still too hollow arrangements of 100% acoustic versions.
THE TECHNIQUE We move with our own sound system, we just need a simple socket. 
SOUND QUALITY We pay particular attention to the sound quality by adapting to the place (castles, gardens, domains ...).
RATES They are lump sum, they include the service and moving

           ---> COCKTAIL: 2 Hours of jazz / lounge repertoire all along your cocktail party.             
                  ---> DINING COCKTAIL: 2 hours 30 of jazz / lounge repertoire to be distributed during the event.             
                 ---> COCKTAIL + DANCING After the cocktail, the band will launch the evening with a repertoire dancing and varied (current, disco, rock, festive ...) and your DJ ( or our DJ partner) will take over.             
THEY TRUSTED US             

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       Contact directly MOON OF JAZZ in 06 87 26 20 10 (quick quote)

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